HAPPY 2019!!

Chris and I have grown as breeders in 2018, we believe it was our true beginning of our G.O.C. lineage. In the past year we continued to work very hard at improving our line. We have made some new friends and we have learned much from our mentors. We have added a Pure Persian line that will be breeding in early 2019. We also hit everyone with our surprise and “tried” to start breeding Maine Coons, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances our MC Queen needed to be spayed. This set our MC breeding program back a bit. Game on Cats started entering our cats in the CFA shows this past year .... we went to a lot of shows and gained a lot of experience with each show. Over half of our cats have hit Champion status and we have a few that we are moving on to try and get to Grand Champion. 

Game On Cats have made some great goals for 2019 and we hope to share them with you. We have introdced our new breeding male pure Persian Grand Champion I-Catcher Phoenix, he joined us in Dec. and we are looking forward to new kitten from this boy. We have 2 more breeding Maine Coon females joining us in early January. We are looking forward to producing more beautiful quality Exotic Short Hair and Long Hair, Pure Persians, and Maine Coon kittens that you will love and enjoy. We will continue to show our G.O.C. Lineage in Cat Shows around the southwest we may even venture out into other regions. In 2019 we are going to start focusing on our G.O.C line and start showing our kittens that we have produced in the cat shows. We have made great strides in our delivery services and will continue this into 2019.

So keep posted on our Facebook page for updates. 

Have a great 2019 and KEEP ON GAMING with us!!

G.O.C. Policy & Procedure

GOC P&P (pdf)


Healthy Kittens


Health Guarantee

  Game On Cats Cattery operates a Healthy Kitten cattery and guarantees all kittens are in good health, free of PKD and all other major diseases (to the best of the Game On Cats Cattery knowledge) at the time of sale. Game On Cats Cattery offers a money back guarantee if the cat/kitten is returned within seventy-two (72) hours provided that the request to return is accompanied by a written veterinarian statement describing any illness.  

Game On Cats Cattery guarantees the kitten is free of any hereditary malformations (genetic defects) to the best of the Game On Cats Cattery knowledge at the time of sale. In the event a fatal genetic defect is found in the kitten, Game On Cats Cattery agrees to replace the kitten within six (6) months, with another kitten of equal value, when a kitten is available. This is contingent on the Buyer being notified, in writing, of any fatal genetic defect health issues by a veterinarian. A necropsy report (to be paid by BUYER) with an explanation by the kitten’s attending veterinarian must be provided to the Game On Cats Cattery prior to replacement of kitten being given to the Purchaser. No medical costs are refunded. No money for cost of kitten will be refunded.   



Kittens will go home between 12-14 weeks. Please understand that each kitten is an individual and may not mature at the same rate as its siblings. Each kitten must be completely weaned, litter box trained, have an established immune system, have age appropriate vaccinations/de-wormings and be emotionally ready to leave its mom. Under NO circumstances will a kitten leave prior to 12 weeks of age.

Kitten Health and Sales Contract


Please read all will be required to sign before sell of Kitten



All of our Kings and Queens have been DNA tested by GeneSeek/Neogen Labs with documentation on site.